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Tapes and floor markers.


Label Source provides a wide range of self adhesive and non adhesive tapes, and floor markers. These are made in a variety of materials including pvc, polythene, aluminium foil, vinyl cloth and tamper proof laminates.

Self adhesive safety tapes are produced to international recognised colour codes, suitable for use on floors, walls, stairs, beams and on plant and equipment. OHSA tapes are durable, twin ply, and are suitable for harsh environments and heavy traffic. High visibility reflective tapes (class 2 grade) can be used on vehicles, yachts, plant, equipment, barriers and other street furniture. Fluorescent coloured tapes can highlight the dangers on building fixtures, steps and staircases. Photoluminescent, glow in the dark, tapes can provide emergency and access directions in the event of power failure, and will re-charge on restoration of light source.

Barrier or barricade tapes can be used to cordon off areas, restrict access, or isolate goods, pallets or equipment. These non adhesive tapes are weather resistant and can identify danger hazards and limitations on entry. Users include the emergency services (police and fire service), the armed services, building services and maintenance.

Construction, building services and civil engineering tapes include underground warning tapes to identify buried services of cables and pipework, for utilities such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications wavey wire tapes have detectable tracer wires for easy location of underground services plastic barrier fencing mesh can be used to denote excavations, roadworks, or to control traffic or pedestrian flow in car parks or at sport or entertainment events anti-slip tapes can be used on stairs, steps, ramps, walkways, ladders and slippery surfaces to prevent slips, trips or falls flagging tapes can be used for surveying, or for marking boundaries, or to indicate race routes. Other products include reflective road tapes for marking lanes or parking bays, scarecrow bunting and scaffold tubing tape.

Floor markers and footprints can be used to mark aisles, corridors, pedestrian and emergency access routes and warnings of potential hazards. Users include warehouses, stores, offices, factories, museums, tourist organisations, schools and hospitals.

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